No-School Bag,No- Lunch Box,No- Homework,No- Tuition,No- Lunch
    Diner at home And Now Parent are tension free

    Every parents want that their child be well mannered, successful and be prior in every field. Every parents have desire to see their child as master in any specific field and along with that as a all-rounder. Every parents have dream to see development of humanity, mental development, interest of sports and culture, ambition making power, disciplined time management and thinking capabilities in their child but due to very busy schedule of parents its became just a dream.
    For over all development of your child and to change your dream in reality, Indu IT is always with you with our Day Boarding facilities with this key 'Aapke Sapne se hai wasta hamara,manjil appki hai rasta humara'.

What is Day Boarding ? - Day Boarding is the benefits of being at home living in hostel.
Time table from Monday to Friday-your child will start their day with morning prayer in school at 07.30 am, after that they do study 3 periods to complete their school syllabus with experienced and trained teachers, after this giving pause to the flow of study to give delicious and nutritious breakfast to your child in a 3-star standard mess. Again After break: Your child will be busy till 11.30 AM in school study with the guidance of dedicated teachers. From 11.30 to 12.30PM, Your will have delicious and nutritious lunch kindly provided by trained staff, And along with lunch Your child will also learn about the table manners, restaurant manners, and how to behave with family and friends in parties at the time of having dinner to make their personality effective.

To be continue in flow break is necessary but not rest, that's why we will give a small break after lunch in which child can feel relaxed. In next two hour, after homework, revision of class work and preparation of text. we will give your child healthy snacks of fruits, salad, and ice cream and other tasty snacks. After this children learn yoga in the guidance of yoga trainer to become pioneer in the field of sports or other activities of his or her interest or their parent's interest.

For students from class Nursery to class one following games are included-

Clay molding, story time, block play, words formation game, English/Hindi Conversation Game, Memory Game, Drawing Animation, Puppets game etc. which will help your child to be creative and active. Again in the evening , your child will be with you in fresh mood to come to school again without any bag and tension. Every Saturday your child will be engaged in different kind of activities like stage performance and sports activities. And in between these activities, your child will have breakfast as usual. By the medium of stage performance, your child will be pioneer in cultural speech, poetry, dance to express them self and their thoughts fearlessly and confidently to others. After lunch and rest, we will give lessons of mannerism to let your child become well mannered and agood human being, after this there will be a period of personality development and general studies for an hour according to their age. On Saturday, when your child will back to you with his/her bag then you will be able to inspect all the activities of the whole week and you will feel the overall development of your child.

Benefits of Day Boarding

Since, your child has been done everything in school to build their future. Therefore they can freely play and relax at home. There is no need of parent to punish or object them for their future building. According to psychologist confidence decreases in child by objecting them again and again, and they feel dull. While in day boarding love and bonding between child and parent increases. After body broken work, when parent returns to home then they are not able to give proper time to prepare and practice for their child and along with this, they have to scold their child to study instead of loving and playing with them. While in day boarding, homework and preparation of test has already been done at school therefore there is no extra burden to study at home on parent and child. When mother and father both do job then they have to leave their child at home in custody of maid or servant, and due to this your child does not get any good manners and along with that there is possibilities of opposite. At home you feed your child with good quality and tasty foods but you do not take care of calories according to their age. And along with this parent have to provide food of their choice and interest against their stub born nature of their child. While at day boarding we feed your child keeping calories need s of your child according to their age and along with this, we also teach table manners to your child. Your child's bag will be in school and only on Saturdays, they will bring back to home. Therefore you can be aware of their development. Because of tuition and school are at same place, therefore there is co-operation between school and tuition. In day boarding, parents are free from the responsibilities of their wards homework and study. Some parents find it difficult in teaching modern courses to their child they too get solution to this problem via day boarding. Naturally, staying long time in school the child becomes more disciplined.
You do not have to wake up early to prepare your child for school.
This is noticeable that this facility is available in Indu IT School.
P.S. It is not mandatory to avail this day boarding facility.